Here we go again.

So I restarted my blog, but this time instead of just changing my domain name, I deleted all of my content and started completely over, from scratch.

Two years of material, gone.

Well, not really gone? Just in the throws of my trash tab.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll probably be completely amazed that I’ve let go of all my blog posts and that the years of portfolio I had stored here are gone (kinda.) It wasn’t an easy choice! I had a lot of growth in writing skills spread across my blog! It was interesting going through and seeing the in’s and out’s of who I was in early 2016 and who I’ve grown into! When the moment came to trash what I’d created, it was bittersweet! But, it had to be done.

Why did I re-start my blog?

I restarted my blog because I’ve had a change of post-graduate plans.

Originally, I left for college thinking I’d major in English and become a high school English teacher. That desire quickly faded—after experiencing substitute teaching—and so I re-grouped and decided I’d pursue higher education! I was on my way to graduate school, and the dream of becoming a tenured professor who wrote novels was alive and well!

Then, of course, all of that fell to bits when I did some needed research. I realized that the market for professors is poor, and no one’s hiring. I saw some scary stats about people’s debt and their inability to find a job and that was the end of my graduate school dream.

After a small panic session and a lot of “Crap, I’m screwed,” I started looking into jobs for English majors. Besides publishing, copywriting, and editing most of the jobs are things I could do now, without a degree under my belt, and that’s not going to work for me. I really want the opportunity to use my degree, if I can, like anyone. Needless to say I’ve been stressed out and nervous. I never thought I’d be the kid without a plan, and suddenly I became very confused about what was next!

I began to looking into copywriting, editing, and publishing. Digging around the internet and job sites to see what companies requirements are, and very quickly realizing that I’m going to need to find 2 to 5 years of experience in six months to be able to secure a job in my field. That’s really no different for really anyone in my position. Entry level jobs always expect experience, and while it’s frustrating, I knew what I was going to find while digging deeper and deeper into the research rabbit hole I’d gotten stuck in.

I’d also realized that along with my 2 to 5 years of experience, I’d need a portfolio.

“My Blog!” I thought, “I’ll use my blog.”

Of course though, my blog was not up to par. I’d done what I’d set out to do with my blog up unto that point: I grew. It was there, posted on the internet, my writing growth. And, it’s growth that I am proud of. I’ve been many different people while running this blog space, and I am proud of all of those people and all of those struggles, but my blog was no longer servicing my needs. My growth would not suffice as a portfolio; truthfully it would probably hinder my ability to get a job. And so I deleted everything.

And it was sad.

What’s the next step?

My blog as a portfolio is just a part of a bigger plan. There is no way for me to gain 2 to 5 years of experience in my field in the second half of 2018, obviously. When I began to consider what I’d have to do to work in my field, I also began to consider what my blog could do for my post-graduate financial income. While I won’t probably be able to secure an awesome job in a well established company fresh out of school, I will be able to find some job. And maybe that some job is in a well established company that will see my hard work ethic and my ability to communicate and my desire to learn and give me a chance as a copywriter or editor. Or maybe it won’t. Maybe the only writing I’ll get to do will be on a blog that I run.

Why did you rename your blog “creatingbridgid”?

I renamed my blog creatingbridgid to remind myself of it’s origins. Writing is, and always has been, something that is so fundamental to who I am as a person. I’ve always loved to write and to create and I didn’t want to lose that. creatingbridgid will be a space for growth still, of course, however it will no longer be the same blog bridgandcoffee was. There will be little (probably no) creative fiction or poetry posted here. No more book reviews or posts about Shakespearean literature and it’s feminist qualities! (Honestly that Romeo and Juliet post was the hardest to delete!) However, no matter how my blog changes, I want to remember it’s origins. Thus, creatingbridgid

What’s next for creatingbridgid?

What’s next is that I become a blogger with a niche, with regular content, and a really fun and exciting feed. I’ll be pulling together weekly posts, talking about life, blogging about what I’m using and loving.

I’m morphing into a lifestyle blog for a couple of reasons!

  1. I love lifestyle blogs! When I started out, I wanted to create a lifestyle blog but I wasn’t ready and I had a lot of other ideas that needed exploring before I committed to any one idea.
  2. I think that if I produce a lifestyle blog, it will be more organized and posts will be easier to produce more regularly.

What I won’t be doing with this blog space is creating an unattainable lifestyle. I’m a college kid (for now) and even when I’m post-grad, I’ll be living a similar lifestyle for some time, while I try to find a good, stable job. So, there won’t be too much travel, I won’t be showing you crazy expensive face wash or insanely expensive clothing. I’ll be sharing things that I like, that I use, and that I’m excited about.

I also, in part, chose lifestyle blogging because I can still talk about my true loves: literature and art. I’ll be able to incorporate books into posts, and talk about what I’m reading. I’ll still be able to share new and old pieces of art with you! And that is important to me.

While this blog will be used as a portfolio and even though I’ll be morphing it into a lifestyle blog, I’ll be making sure that I have a book corner, and an art corner and that everything that fills this blog is something that I find exciting and wonderful.

So, in closing, I’m excited about this new adventure I’m embarking on! I’m read to see what lifestyle blogging will hold and what I can turn this blog into. There’s going to be a whole lot of “new” here and I hope that you guys are on board for it too!

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