Owning It: Photo Addition

Shameless Instagramming.

I think most people can agree: photos of you are never better than the photos you take of yourself.  And while that is very true for me too, I lifestyle blog now. Meaning I have a lifestyle Instagram too and so I need a good theme that fits an aesthetic and I also need full-body photographs of me. It’s proven (by the outrageous number of Instagrammers I follow) that full-body, aesthetically pleasing, ‘themed’ pages acquire the most followers. I know that if I want my blog and my Instagram to become a source of income for me (which would be awesome) then I definitely need to step up my photo game. So, I asked my best friend James to take a picture of me. And it was awful.

Here’s the proof:

So, maybe I’m being dramatic. Maybe some of you don’t think this is a horrible photo. I did get like 100 and something likes on it, and yet, I still deleted it. The thing about standing in front of a camera, for me, is that it’s so weird. This probably doesn’t go for everybody, there are definitely people who like being in front of a camera, but I’m just terrible at it. When I need someone to take a photo of me I get super awkward and completely uncomfortable, as you might be able to tell from the photo above.

I have no idea what I’m doing when I stand in front of a camera, but I know that I have to figure it out if I want to brand myself and make my Instagram and blog a place for a source of income. And for income, I need followers and brand advertisements.

Ad’s create revenue for your favorite Instagrammers and bloggers. So when you see your favorite Instagram blogger posting a whole lot about a certain thing (ex: Orion Carloto was just sent to France by Grey Goose Vodka literally just so she could do ad’s for their vodka in France. Actual life goals.) and then putting #Ad at the end, they’re making money. Your favorite bloggers couldn’t be bloggers if they worked a full-time job and had normal 9 to 5 hours. They can only be super crazy successful bloggers if they can dedicate their whole lives to it. If you want to be in the top like __% of bloggers that make tons of money, you have to do it constantly. Every day. And you have to have bomb Instagram photos.

I’m not saying that I want to make my blog my full-time job, although that would be pretty cool, but I do really hope that my blog can be a nice side hustle. But, to make any money, I do have to have a nice Instagram that’s linked to my really nice and well put together blog. And thus, full-body photos.

I decided after my initial full-body photo fail that I needed to practice being in front of the camera. I’ve always been so outgoing but I have always been the worst at being the center of attention, and being in front of a camera makes me feel like I’m the center of attention. So I devised a plan that I refer to as “Shameless Instagramming.”

“Shameless Instagramming” is all about me (or you) owning the fact that I (you) am (are ) in front of the camera. If I need a photo of me, and a cute one, in front of (fill in cute aesthetically pleasing background) I’m just going to try and swallow my fear and ask whichever pal is around to take the photo. Oh and I’m going to pose, and feel dumb doing so, but I’m going to do it.

On Father’s Day I wanted a photo of me in the outfit I was wearing because the pants were thrifted and I wanted you guys to see how great they were, so I asked my cousins to help me take a photo and I stuck to my plan.

Here’s how photo two turned out:

Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset
Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset

Personally, I think I look a lot less awkward in this photo. I was still uncomfortable, but I didn’t let that stop me from posing and trying to have fun even though I felt like a total goofball. Which I think is sort of (at the risk of sounding really #fakewoke) metaphorical for life? How frequently do we let the fear of looking silly stop us from doing stuff we’d like to do?

I’m excited to get out of my comfort zone and do something that is a little uncomfortable for me! I hope you guys get comfortable doing stuff you feel a little goofy about too.

If you don’t follow my instagram already, my @ is @creatingb. My full-body photo glow up is coming so follow to see it!

Oh, also I’m really excited about next weeks post. I’m starting a monthly “Favorites” blog post where I write about all the things I tried and enjoyed each month. I’m really excited and already planning out what I’ll be sharing with you guys!

See ya then!


“My dear, I don’t give a damn.” — Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind.

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