June Favorites!

What’s New for June?

Today we’re starting a new segment on my blog where I’ll be updating y’all on my monthly favorites! This will include new restaurants, stores (thrift included), beauty products, clothing, music, tv shows I’m binging, foods I’m eating, and whatever else you can think of!

Since I have never done a monthly ‘favorites’ before, and because I just decided to do one around the middle of this month, my favorites for the month might be a little slim and sort of scattered. I also haven’t decided exactly how I want to structure these posts, so this is sort of a test run! Let me know how you feel about this month’s structure in the comments.


Let’s start with new music that dropped this month! After securing my ACL tickets in May, I’ve found some new artists (That I have yet to form a whole opinion on, more coming in July!) and have had the immense pleasure of revisiting old ones as well. On the first of this month, Father John Misty  released his new album “God’s Favorite Customer“. I had been highly anticipating this album since I heard “Mr.Tillman”, a single from the album, in February. FJM’s sound is something that I can’t really explain, but I do recommend! If you want to listen to his earlier stuff, I’d start with his albums “Fear Fun” and “I Love You, Honeybear”. They’re not as politically charged as is 2017 album “Pure Comedy” but, it’s just as great!

Revisiting artists, and anticipating ACL, caused me break open my “Melody Makers” playlist on Spotify and dive head first into Beatles-mania. The Beatles are, and have always been, my favorite band. When I heard Paul McCartney was going to be at ACL,  I was so excited! So I went and revisited a couple Beatles albums I hadn’t listened to since I first discovered them and that’s when I learned that I, like so so so many other, absolutely love The White Album.


There are so many great songs on that album like Rocky Raccoon, I’m So Tired, and Happiness is a Warm Gun. I had been so addicted to their Rubber Soul album for years, and I almost always listened to that album, but The White Album has just completely taken my heart. I have been listening to it almost non-stop all month.

At the end of May, I found a band called Lake Street Dive, who my Dad is apparently a huge fan of! When I heard their song “Good Kisser” on a local radio station, I fell in love with Rachael Price’s voice immediately. When I found out they were coming to Dallas, I snagged tickets for my Dad and I! I’m so excited to see them in July! (There will definitely be a blog post about it.)


It’s already been pretty hot down here in Texas, so I’ve been struggling with trying to find foods that aren’t too heavy so I don’t feel overly full and sluggish when I’m out and about in this Texas heat. In doing so, I’ve been passing up a lot of favorites like Chipotle and WhichWich, and eating a lot of smaller things like Quest Bars! These bars are high in protein and are pretty good for you! They are absolutely delicious and come in a variety of flavors. My current favorite flavor is Blueberry Muffin! 4c341d50-6ac8-4278-a19c-039f906947cc

You can get these delicious and healthy protein bars at almost any gas station, and also at Target and Walmart!

Along with Quest Bars, I’ve been pretty addicted to açaí bowls! For a while I was strictly going to Vitality Bowls for my açaí bowls, but I’ve started branching out and trying different place. Vitality Bowls “thing” is bowls, so they have a much larger assortment of bowls and options to choose from. I’m pretty dead set on the original açaí bowl but if you want to branch out, they are the place to go! Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

If there isn’t a Vitality Bowls in your neighborhood, Jamba Juice has “Energy Bowls”,(linked with Jamba Juice) and their açaí energy bowl is really yummy! I’ve also tried The Juice Bar‘s açaí bowl, and it was so stinking good so if there’s a Juice Bar near you, go grab one when you have the chance!

Lastly for food, I’ve been frequenting Torchy’s Tacos now that my DFW city got one and I am even more in love with Torchy’s than I thought. Their motto is “Damn Good Tacos,” and they are 100% spot on. Now remember, Torchy’s isn’t your local Taqueria. If you want a bomb taco, I’d still scope out a Taqueria or a Meat Market in your neighborhood for a good Barbacoa taco on corn. If though, you can’t find one, Torchy’s is delicious and does the job! Their Barbacoa taco is called “The Democrat” and it is one of the best Barbacoa tacos from a chain taco place. That’s a bold statement, but I stand by it. Fuzzy’s and Chipotle just can’t compete with the slice of avocado, feta, and cilantro that Torchy’s tops their taco with. It is SO good.

Another really great thing about Torchy’s is they stock my favorite cider beers. They’re not on draft (I’m actually not sure I’ve ever seen Austin Eastciders on draft?) and they only have one of the flavors, but I cannot complain. Austin Eastciders has a few different flavors and I’d originally only had their Texas Honey and Original Dry Cider flavors but Torchy’s only stocked Blood Orange, so I tried one and I was so glad I did! Blood Orange was sooo yummy.


You can buy Austin Eastciders at Target, and at most Specs or Total Wine locations!


Because it’s summer, I haven’t really been wearing a whole lot of makeup and because I’m in summer school, I haven’t been working as much as I really want to be able to. So, my favorite go-to look has consisted of very little and pretty cheap actual makeup and well-priced, fairly cheap but good facial cleansers. My morning regimen is pretty simple, I wash my face with my Formula 10.0.6Best Face Forward” face wash, then I use Formula’s “So Totally Clean” toner, and then I spray with Gariner “ SkinActive Facial Mist Spray with Rose Water.” After my skin has dried from the rose water, I apply Olay’s “Active Hydrating Skin Cream.” I swear by this moisturizer; it keeps my skin hydrated and happy and it’s helped my oily skin feel more balanced. I’m not feeling as oily throughout the day!


After I apply moisturizer, I almost immediately apply my Maybelline “Better Skin” concealer. Maybelline isn’t cruelty free, so that’s just something keep in mind if you shop cruelty free. But, it is an easy and cheap concealer that brightens my dark under eyes and covers some of my problem spots pretty well! My skin has been breaking out a little more severely lately because I stopped taking hormones recently, so it hasn’t been covering those tough breakouts, but when my skin is calm and happy it works wonders. With a nice setting spray, it’ll stay all day and look nice and natural!

For brows, I’ve been using EssenceMake Me Brow” Eyebrow Gel Mascara. It gives your brows a nice natural look, but works as a gel to keep them nice and neat looking all day. Another Essence product I now swear by is their “Volume Stylist 18hr Lash Extension Masacara.” It keeps my eyelashes long and beautiful and really does work all day. It doesn’t slide off the lashes and it dries down quickly and nicely. It’s my go-to for my full-face makeup day’s too. (Essence is also retails super cheap! Click the links to see!)

For my faux-freckles, I use a NYX “Eyebrow Marker” in the color “medium”.  After I apply freckles, I use an E.L.F “Duo Lipstick” in “Hot Reds” and I use deeper red side for my lips and cheeks. To wrap it all up, I apply E.L.F’s “Beautifully Bare Highlighting Dewy Drops.” I’ve used this liquid highlight with a full-face too, and set it with another powder highlight and it works wonders. It is creamier, so if you’re oily, I’d apply it lightly! It works really well so you don’t need to apply too much anyway but if you’re oily it definitely does make your face way more oily.


Another really awesome product I found at the beginning of this month that has definitely become a “favorite” for me (because I’m always looking or great ways to be healthier) are Organic tampons! I’ve learned in the last year that our tampons carry toxins, and that if you can go organic, you should.  The brand Target sales is called “Cora” and they make going organic easy. When I tried them out, I bought the smaller box 16ct. $5.50. For a gal who was buying U by Kotex for years, I was dropping a couple extra dollars for their 18ct, so I’m happy to take a price cut and a health benefit! B6ED5B8E-5004-428F-B42C-7577079AF099.jpg


Between Thrift Giant’s amazing pant selection and Target’s graphic tee section, June has been a pretty awesome (and not terribly expensive) month for clothing. In my post  Gettin’ Thrifty, I discuss all the cool finds that I come across at my local thrift stores, specifically at my favorite one, Thrift Giant.

The Thrifting God’s shone their lights onto my local Thrift Giant this month, and I scored some really awesome red and white Gingham pants and a super cute tea length, red and white polkadot skirt! I also found a pair of green slacks, but they were a little to big for me, so I’m going to give them away probably! (Size 10, if anyones interested.)


Apart from the thrift store, I did score an awesome FRIENDS graphic tee at Target and I also got the scarf that I’m wearing around my head in the Gingham pants photo. It’s from Target’s  Universal Thread‘s collection, and it ties really well and stays put! I only fixed it once and that was because I playing with my little cousins and they were being rowdy! Other accessories I’ve been sort of obsessed with is my fashion glasses from H&M and my vintage Mickey Mouse watch that I got from my Great Grandma when I was younger. They have been either on me or in my bag all month! 70bd89c4-616b-4896-b787-58664d333dfb


Well, that’s all I have for this month! All in all, June has been one of the best months of 2018. There’s been so much joy and excitement surrounding me and my loved ones and I’m just very grateful. I can’t wait to see why July brings.

I hope you all have enjoyed June too, and I hope that July brings you all happiness and good fortune!


“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”

Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty 

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