Who I Follow + Where I Go for Outfit Inspo

I got it from my momma! (No, but really.)

*(Disclaimer: Some of the photos posted here are not mine! I don’t own them. I’ve used them as examples.)*

I really love fashion, and I don’t mean that in the way that would denote some secret desire of being a fashion designer, or working in fashion. I don’t even want to dress anyone else. I just absolutely love finding clothes, dressing myself, and having a “style.”

I’ve gone through a few different stages in my life, and I’m sparring you the nitty-gritty details (aka completely embarrassing photographs) because I care for your eyeballs—and because I love myself far too much to put myself in such a terrible position.

Fashion has always been something that I wanted to immerse myself in. When I was a child, I wanted to design clothes. I’d spend afternoons drawing clothing and showing my dad; explaining colors, textures (of which I knew very little), and being creative. Even though creating fashion didn’t end up being my path in life, those years doodling tulle skirts and skinny jeans really helped me create a big part of my identity.

So where do I get inspiration?

First and foremost, I’d say I get a lot of my own outfit inspiration from my Mom. She was a 90’s queen when it came to fashion; was always rocking the cutest/trendiest hairstyles, dresses, and jewelry! When I showed an interest in fashion as a child, my Dad was always telling me how great my Mom dressed and how she always looked put together, even when she was just at home taking care of my brother and I. He showed me home movies and photos, and those things really stuck with me! It molded the way I looked at fashion and the things I wanted to do with my own style!


I also spend a ton of time on social media, and in doing so, I end up finding a lot of really awesome women who have some of the best fashion taste. I get a lot of my inspiration from two really wonderful women I found on Instagram. 

1. Orion Carloto 

A friend of mine actually showed me Orion’s Instagram a few years ago because they thought I looked a little like her, (Which is easily one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.) and immediately I was infatuated with her! Orion and I have a lot of things in common already: we collect coffee mugs, love books, write poetry, and love all things Parisian, but Orion just has this aesthetic down better than I do. She knows, for far longer than I have, who she is and completely owns it. Her sense of style is something that I just am absolutely in love with.


2. Alice Catherine

I actually just found Alice’s Instagram in, I think, May? She’s proof, however, that sometimes when inspiration hits, it hits hard! She’s got a Parisian flair like Orion, and honestly it makes perfect sense that I’d adore her style because of how much I love and admire Orions! She actually just recently chopped her hair off into a short bob, and she’s really rocking the bob with bangs look that I really love! She’s just an absolute queen!



Another app I spend way too much time on, and that is my go-to when I’m looking for inspiration before another thrifting spree, is Pinterest! I think a lot of people probably spend a good amount of time of Pinterest but it’s been my experience that no one ever revisits their pin’s when they’re on the hunt for things they want for their closet. I used to be like this too, but then Pinterest added organizational tools to their boards and now it’s like a dream come true!

Honestly Pinterest, in it’s most literal sense, is a tool that hones hundreds of thousands of peoples ideas into a little webspace and creates (one of) the best inspirational tools for pretty much anything you want to do. (I talk about the things I enjoy like I’m sponsored, and I swear I’m not! I just think Pinterest is an ingenious idea!) My own personal Pinterest page seriously has everything I could ever need inspiration for on it.

My closet board is what really helps me take the inspiration I’ve received from Instagram or Pinterest and organize it to create full outfits. I have my board broken into sections. When I’m looking for a specific kind of outfit for a certain event, I don’t have to worry about everything being scattered around the board anymore.

I scroll through Pinterest before I go into a thrift store or even a Forever 21, and take things from my boards and try to find similar items. I had a graduation to go to in May, and I scrolled through Pinterest, saving things, for a few days before I went to the Thrift Store to find an outfit.

I finally settled on a few different photos:

I took the inspiration (and really at this point, I was just trying to find some really cool pants) and went to a thrift store.

I ended up with this outfit:

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset


It can honestly be really difficult to find the “perfect” thing when you’ve been inspired by a photo on Pinterest or Instagram. I don’t deny that, because it is really hard to know if you’re going to even find anything similar. However, I think that both of these are tools that people can use to help them sort of hone a certain style.

If you pin things you like, you might start to notice patterns and a specific style you like. Even if Pinterest isn’t a place you go for pre-shopping trip inspiration, it’s a place you can go to help organize and realize your own personal aesthetics!

At the end of the day, it’s all about being yourself, being comfortable, and being happy! Coco Chanel says that “Fashion changes, but style endures.” There’s so much truth to that! Following trends is great, but if you’re not into “what’s trendy” you should never try to wear clothes like that. Life rewards you, in so many ways, for staying true to yourself! That’s why I think going on Pinterest and finding outfits you like helps reveal a true taste of your personal style and aesthetics. (I know that word is being dragged through the mud right now, and everyone is using it, but I think it’s an important word! It applies to so many things!)

Where do you guys get your outfit inspirations?! Are you big into cinema or time-period fashion? Maybe you find inspiration in nature or art! I honestly want to know it all. Send me your favorite places to find inspiration for your outfits! I’d love to find new ways to get inspired.



“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
Coco Chanel

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