10 Things I’ll Always Have In My Closet

The Essentials.

While most everyone has an idea of some universal ‘basics’ they should have in their closet, everyone’s closet is different.

If you aren’t sure what these universal ‘basics’ are, I always say that they are the essential things you should be able to pair with almost anything else you have. Examples would be one black and one white crewneck, a pair of nice jeans, a cardigan or nice jean jacket. I even think that a pair of nice black slacks, a good neutral toned button down, or a LBD (little black dress) are closet basics too! It’s important, even if you keep it minimal, to have a couple dressier pieces too, just incase you aren’t sure how “dressed up” you have to be.

The point of this post, however, is to talk about my personal ‘basics.’ I always think about someones personal ‘basics’ as their ‘staple pieces’ because they are those pieces you cling to, that you know work with your body and you personal style! A lot of my ‘staple pieces’ are things you guys have seen on my Instagram or other posts here on my blog, so you might already know what’s coming! But, I think this is important because I know so many of my own friends aren’t always sure how to style themselves, and my #1 piece of advice on that is:

What are your staple pieces?

Typically that helps people develop an idea of what they like, what they want to wear, and what they think looks good on them. I think most people can say, “These jeans are my favorite!” or “I really only like wearing leggings.” Everyone’s got a favorite top or sweater that makes them feel like ‘them.’ That’s the power of having ‘staple pieces’. They make you comfortable, and keeps you feeling confident and comfortable even on the worst days.

Here are a 10 of my staple pieces:

#1. Denim Jacket

Do I love anything more than I love my denim jacket? Doubtful. I bought my denim jacket from Old Navy a little over a year ago, and it was probably the best purchase I’ve ever made. I wear this jean jacket all the time. It goes with pretty much everything I own, and I wear whether it’s 30º (I layer it with a sweatshirt or a cute, cold weather top) or 100º.  This is easily, for my personal style, my most versatile piece.

#2. Knock-off Gucci Mules

I’ve only had these shoes for a month, and I refuse to take them off. They’re everything! They go with everything, look good with everything, and make every single one of my outfits 5x cuter. I’m going to be devastated when it becomes too cold to wear them. I only have the mules, but I will eventually get some knock-off loafers too. I’m honestly probably going to end up with the mules and loafers in brown too. I can’t live without them. (For info on where I got these pups, check out my July Favorites!)

#3. One Brown and One Black purse

Purses and wallets are big parts of everyones lives. We all carry a bag or a wallet, and I think anyone’s closet is completed with one of two kinds of leather (or pleather, let’s be real) wallets: brown or black. Right now I’m obsessed with my brown bag! I got it from Target about a month ago and I love it. Everyone’s sort of different in what they want from a brown leather. I like cognac, which is a little lighter/natural toned; it goes with any and every outfit and it’s the right sort of brown to balance out a black belt/shoe outfit! My black bag is from Forever21. The one linked here isn’t the exact same as the one in my photo, because I got this bag a little over two years ago now, but it’s really similar! Forever21 and Target both make super long-lasting and really durable bags, and they’re always reasonably priced. (Between $25-$30!)

#4. A Black + White Striped T-Shirt

A few years ago these striped t’s came back in style, and I don’t think they’re leaving anytime soon. The two I have are from Target and H&M! The two linked aren’t exactly like the two I have because I’ve had them for a while and these two brands never really release the same things twice, or so it seems. These shirts are almost anywhere though, and if you can’t find one at Target or H&M, you’d be able to find it at Forever21 or even a thrift store!img_2748

#5 High-waist Black Jeans

I own three pairs of black high-waist jeans because I swear by them. Denim is easily the most versatile thing in anyone’s closet with the exception of a black crewneck t-shirt. The only pair I’ve bought from an actual retailer is the pair I got from Banana Republic when I worked there last year (I got a great discount) and they’re that stretch denim that I’m not a complete fan of, but I wear them pretty consistently because they’re a great pant for pretty much every outfit. The other two are both from thrift stores, and they are the quintessential mom jeans. They hit on your natural waist, give you all this space in your hip area, and are overall just super comfy.

#6. Faux Glasses (Fashion Glasses)

I have been wearing fake glasses since I was thirteen years old, and I have bought them from every single place you can think of that would sell fake glasses. Amazon, Claires, Forever21, Icing (by Claires), H&M, Target, everywhere. They are an essential part of some of my favorite outfits, and can definitely make feel my most comfortable when I’m not really feeling it that day! They are an absolute “must have” for me!

#7. Plaid High-Waist Pants

Y’all already know the high-waist pants I got in May, that I keep referencing in almost all my clothing-related posts, are absolutely already a ‘staple’ for me. I have been trying to figure out every single way to wear these pants. I got them from a Thrift Giant in my hometown, and their Lee brand. If you think you like these pants, I 100% recommend them to anyone. I searched online, and I’m pretty sure they’re a thrift store only item, but go on a hunt for them if you get the chance! They are so worth it.  They are the best fitting pair of pants I own, and I honestly need to find more pants (from any brand) that fit this way.

#8. A Cardigan

I’ve been wearing cardigans for as long as I’ve been wearing fake glasses, and they have never failed me. In the past, I’ve really stuck to a basic grey, knit, cardigan, but in the past few years I’ve started branching out and I really think it’s important to have a cardigan in a few basic colors. I have one in grey, one in black, and one in a mustard-yellow color because that’s my favorite color. Target is my go-to for cardigans because they usually have a pretty great selection!  I, regrettably can’t find a photo of my wearing a cardigan because I’ve been wearing my denim jacket pretty much since I got it. But, I will always keep a cardigan in my closet (even if I’m not wear in much)!

#9. Headscarves

This is a new thing for me this year, but I love them! You can wear them with pretty much any kind of outfit. These are making a comeback as headscarves, but they work styled around your neck or even tied around a belt loop on your pants! I have a few, but one of them was my mothers. The other two are from Cotton On and Target! The Cotton On scarf is very silky, and the Target one is feels like a bandana, and is more cotton. They’re both really great, but the one from Target is definitely better for tying.

#10. A Flannel

I think flannel is really dependent on the person. Most everyone I know owns some kind of flannel shirt, but I also know a lot of people who wouldn’t really ever wear flannel. A few years ago it came back, but it’s dying down a little more now. The three flannels I have come from different places, but I basically only wear one regularly. That one is from the thrift store, but the brand is Eddie Bauer! The other two are from Forever21 and H&M. I wear the one from H&M a lot too, because it’s the most “lumberjack” like of all my flannels with the blue and red color scheme. I couldn’t find any flannels for women on H&M’s website, so I don’t have a link!  The one I got from Forever21 was for my 22nd birthday party! Forever doesn’t make the exact same one I have, but they always have a great selection. The one I linked looks the most like the one I own!


And that’s pretty much it! You’ve basically seen my entire closet at this point! I hope this helped you consider what your ‘staple pieces’ are, or gave you an idea of what a ‘staple piece’ is. There is no ‘right’ way to dress, and you should never only dress a certain way because you think that it’s the ‘right’ way. I wrote this to show you how versatile a closet can be! I hope you found this helpful!

What are some of your staple pieces? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know. Also, if there are any posts you all want, please let me know. I’m writing what I feel like you guys would enjoy but I really want to know what you guys want to see!


“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”
Karl Lagerfeld

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