Apologies in Advanced.

A short announcement!

School is back! With that being the case, I will be hard at work with academics and my part-time job.

I write this to ask that you might all be patient and kind to me as I try to navigate a new (and extremely demanding) school schedule. I will do my best to publish every Monday, because I want to create content for you all, it really does bring me so much joy! However, my grades cannot suffer at the hands of my inability to produce more hours in a day.

If I miss a Monday, can’t produce the same in-depth pieces, or if I fail to create a new list of monthly favorites, I apologize. I am, of course, not planning on doing this. Slacking is not in my nature (most of the time) but I am human, capable of error, and completely aware that I become outrageously overwhelmed by my inability to be 100% committed to everything simultaneously, try as I may.

I love my blog dearly, it means everything to me, and the consistent reads I get make my heart so warm. I hope you all understand how desperately I wish I could create blog content all day, every day, but I am not there yet. (Maybe one day!)

I will be kicking my butt to make sure that there is weekly content available here, and on my Instagram, but just know it could be late on Monday or even later in the week. With school here, I don’t know how quickly I’ll be getting out and finding new places to explore and products to try. But I will do my best! 

Thank you so much for your support, comments, follows, and likes! I am over the moon anyone reads my writing. You are all the absolute best!


“I am kind of majoring in bull shitting.”
Kate Voegele

4 thoughts on “Apologies in Advanced.

  1. Aw don’t worry Bridgid! 💞
    I can totally relate right now (unfortunately *cries*). School has started up again for me too and I can’t keep up with everything (tests and the huggeee homework loads are killing me)😂

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