Book Review: FLUX by Orion Carloto

Let’s start a book club!

*Disclaimer: My personal opinions about what favorable poetry is, how it is created, and what it means are completely and uniquely my own. You are by no means required to agree; I’ve learned about my own version of ‘good’ poetry through years of education and my personal writing style! If you don’t like what I say, or if you think this authors writing is bad, cool! This is a no-hate zone. Let’s keep it that way!*

About two years ago I came across a woman who would because my favorite Instagram Influencer, Orion Carloto. Orion stuck out to me because I related to her in so many ways, we had so much in common! She wrote poetry and prose, as I love to do. She had two cats, a cute apartment in NYC, and an absolutely amazing aesthetic. I was immediately awed by how much I saw myself then, and who I wanted to become in Orion. She then became an instantaneous role model for me!

So fast forward to sometime last year, Orion announced she was writing a book of poetry and prose! Later that year, Orion released her first book titled FLUX.



I’d been teetering on the line of getting it for some time. I honestly don’t know what the hold up was, I knew I’d love whatever it was Orion created, but I just waited for a while.

Saturday, while I was walking around a mall with a good friend, I meandered into Barnes & Noble. We dug around for a while, looking at different pieces of literature and I ran into FLUX.

So I bought it.

And then immediately started scouring pages and reading excerpts. And y’all, Orion’s so talented.

Let me start by saying this is a book of love poetry, or rather, poetry for the heartbroken. Orion’s words sit on your tongue, long enough for you to feel the anguish but you’ll be turning the page before it sets in too deep. She is a wizard with words, and they are syrupy, sweet, and bitter.

Falling madly in love for the first time and the bitterness of a deeply thrashing breakup fill the pages of this magnificently gorgeous book. (I can’t stop looking at it!)

I think for some people love poetry can be a little hard to swallow. While I understand that, I think Orion’s love poetry is something sort of fresh. There have been many people who have written books of poetry, and more often than not, the love poems leave an odd (sometimes extremely dry and dramatic) taste behind. It is hard to write about love in a way that doesn’t sound completely clichéd, but I promise you, Orion did the damn thing!

Nothing about her writing is over-done. She has a voice that travels throughout the book and it is raw and honest and completely wondrous. I was awed and, admittedly, jealous. She paints pictures so vivid, you’re there with her in Chicago, or in her NY apartment. It is painstakingly beautiful.

For now, I’m going to say my favorite poem was Wildflowers.


It’s vivid imagery is absolutely beautiful and completely powerful! The ending, however, is not drawn out or dramatic. It is so exactly how to end a poem with such grandiose imagery: short and sweet, but packs a punch.

“Don’t you remember?”

Orion also published two very popular poems. Homesick and a very short piece of prose with no titled, that simply says,


They were exciting to read, to see printed in a paperback book, to experience alone and not on twitter, where everyone is experiencing these things simultaneously.

It’s also sort of wonderful how real Orion became to me when I read these words. Influencers are internet celebrities, and so they can seem very far or distant or unattainable. Orion always seemed other worldly to me, for so many reasons, but I felt her words in my core. It reminded me that she, like myself and so many others, has dealt with things the internet will never know. She’s real and honest in FLUX. You can feel her, relate to her, understand who she is through her words. For me, that was a beautiful experience.

FLUX is filled with many different and absolutely astonishingly raw poems. It is my belief that a person in the darkest pits of post breakup mourning will find solace in the way Orion’s story is poured out onto the pages. They will watch her break, mourn, and cope. This book truly is for “the lovers, the dreamers, and the heartbroken.”

For your own copies of FLUX, you can visit Orion’s website, her publisher, Andrew McMeel’s, websiteBarnes and NobleAmazon, or (my personal favorite place) Target!

I hope that if you buy FLUX, you enjoy it just as much as I did. I also hope that you find something in this book that sits with you. Literature is so beautiful in that it absolutely can and will change how you see the world.

happy reading!


“you are a dream and I don’t want to wake up”
Orion Carloto

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