September Favorites!

She’s back!

Guys, I’m sorry! I know I warned you, but I hadn’t planned on being this inactive. I really hadn’t. School is hard, and I knew this before school started, but I really did not know I’d be so overwhelmed this semester.

I’m not going to try and make excuses, I should be making more time! If I can’t post every single week, I’ll be making sure I post at least twice a month. As soon as December comes, I won’t be drowning in school work anymore and I’ll be able to post more regularly again!

First thing first: I am aware I skipped “August’s Favorites”—it’s honestly because I didn’t really find a whole lot of ‘new’ in August and I really didn’t want to post a favorites post that wasn’t well developed. September is not as full and exciting as I would typically like, but I’d been itching to write and I love doing these ‘favorites’!

Okay, let’s get going with the favorites for September!


My music section of my favorites is usually far more in-depth, but this month I’ve really only been really into my study playlist! The reason being, I find it easier to focus when I listen to music with very subtle or with absolutely no lyrics so there hasn’t been much time for me to find new artists to give you all. I have, however, been trying to find new music to include to this study playlist because I’m somewhat over what’s been on my playlist since I tend to listen to this all semester, and last semester I really did outplay it. A few of my favorites are:

If, like me, you can’t focus when listening to someone speak or sing, then you might appreciate this sentiment! I do have some Sufjan Stevens  but his songs are very mellow and they lyrics aren’t all that distracting! I also, sometimes, listen to my “the lovers” playlist when I’m working on stuff that isn’t for school, like my blog, because it’s a far more lyrical set of tunes and keeps me up-beat and motivated through the writing process!

I have, however, most definitely found one really awesome artist who has a song that I really cannot ever get out of my brain! img_4024

Phoebe Bridges has this amazing voice, it’s so mellow and clear. Her melodies and the guitar in her songs is so relaxing. Her songs get stuck in my head but my favorite (pictured above) comes from her album Stranger in the Alps!


As an English literature major, I spend a lot of time reading novels at this point in my college career. This semester I’ve already read two plays and two full novels! All that school reading doesn’t leave a whole time for leisurely reading so I’ve been listening to books on Audible! I’m sure most everyone knows what Audible is, but if you don’t, it’s an audiobook app and website with ‘over 420,000’ books to choose from! I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter series! I’ve listened to almost all of them between August and September, and I’m now on the last book of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!img_4022

Audible has made it a lot easier for me to enjoy a book while I’m driving or doing household chores! I 10/10 recommend!


I have, and I am being really earnest here, been really low on $funds$ the last two months so trying new foods has been a non-existent endeavor. I am also somewhat ashamed of how poorly I’ve been eating. Honestly, I have to tell you, I have been eating a lot of Little Caesars lately, and while it’s not the healthiest food choice, it’s cheap pizza and fast since they have pre-made $5 pizzas. (The mark of a true college kids diet.)

I’ve also been frequenting McDonald’s because I ran out of coffee before payday and Starbucks was just really too expensive. I spent a few days running on McDonald’s vanilla iced coffees. I was pretty impressed by them, I don’t really eat at McDonald’s so I was weary to try their iced coffee but for $2, I was actually pleasantly satisfied!


For as poor as I’ve been, I’ve also been struggling pretty terribly with finding a good skincare regime for my cystic acne. I’ve never really struggled with acne before last year, and it’d cleared up when I started on birth control, but when I stopped taking BC, it came back harder than ever and my chin is taking a big hit. Cystic acne is hard to cure, and all the research I’ve done has told me that it’s almost impossible to completely clear up without a dermatologist. Obviously, as I’m eating $5 pizza and making it last three days, I don’t have dermatologist money, so I’ve been trying everything and asking almost everyone I know for tips!

I have a wonderful friend named Sarah who has absolutely gorgeous skin and I asked her to drop her skincare regime on twitter one day and she obliged! Y’all this girl has the best skin ever and I was so hopeful that her facial regime would work on my hard to clear up acne. However, Sarah has a different skin type so some of the products she used didn’t work on my skin! But, she recommended one product that I really do absolutely love and can’t live without!


This pure-clay exfoliating cleanser by L’Oréal is absolutely so wonderful. I was originally over-using it and so my acne got way worse and I thought that it was the fault of the cleanser but I’ve gone down to only exfoliating with this once a week because it is a pretty intense clay cleanser and it’s really helped my skin out! It also smells really good!

My new every-day cleanser is another exfoliating cleanser by Garnier called SkinActive Deep Pore Face Wash with Green Tea, but it’s not nearly as harsh on your skin as the L’Oréal cleanser! There are no exfoliating beads, it’s just a normal cleansing soap of sorts! It works absolute wonders on my skin. ad341ffb-e702-4b5a-94f8-1d3d5f6116ec

I’ve been using it twice a day, once in the shower in the morning and once at night, after I take off all my makeup. I really love this face wash, it’s not too harsh on your skin. It leaves my skin feeling tight (without being painful or itchy) and clean! It also helps my skin stay really even and doesn’t dry it out so that it becomes too oily!

To take my makeup off, I’ve taken a page out of Casey Holmes’ book! Casey is a makeup YouTuber or ‘beauty guru’ who I’ve followed for years now. She has always sworn by Clinique’s Take Off The Day Cleansing Balm! I’ve always wanted to try it, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy the oily texture of the balm that Casey had explained. I decided to try the travel size, because it retails for $9.50 and I felt more comfortable spending that instead of the $29.50 that the full priced one costs.


I really enjoy this facial cleanser! I use makeup remover wipes religiously but I’d always noticed that my makeup didn’t completely come off with just the makeup wipes. I’d be scrubbing mascara and foundation from my face while I washed it. While I still have to wash my face after using this, my makeup really does just melt off completely, and my mascara just completely bleeds off my lashes without having to scrub! The oiliness of this balm also doesn’t affect my skin terribly since I use my Gariner face wash after!

So I know I’ve talked about Thayer’s Witch Hazel with Rose Water before when talking about toners but I’d abandoned it for a little while this summer in an attempt to try and find a stronger toner for my new cystic acne. However, I ended up returning to it this month, and I am so glad I did!


I absolutely love this stuff. While it is a little pricey for a full sized bottle ($9.29 at Target), I am completely indebted to it. It’s not too harsh, but it really does a great job at getting in your pores and evening out your skin! After exploring with different toners, this one really is the best for sensitive skin that needs to be cleaned but can react to harsh toners.

Lastly for beauty, I have a new/old moisturizer! Gariner SkinActive Soothing 3-in-1 Face Moisturizer with Rose Water! (I realize how many things I own now with rose water, and I really don’t know what it does for my skin but it seems to be helping!) I’ve been using a Olay moisturizer for months and I really did love it but I wanted something a little thicker for the fall/winter! I’ve had this moisturizer for a while, but it was too thick for the Texas summer heat so I just kept it in my cabinets until fall and I’m really glad I did!


While this is a little thicker than my Olay moisturizer, it really does make my skin feel so nice. I have super oily skin and it can start feeling imbalanced if I don’t have good moisturizer so I was a little nervous about switching but this smells good, keeps my skin balanced, and never leaves my skin feeling heavy!


It’s taken my two months to collect enough new clothes to have anything for this section of my blog post and I’mexcited about some of the new pieces I’ve got for the fall! I’ll also be doing an entire post about Fall Outfits, so look out for that. I’m really excited about doing it, I just have a few more pieces to get before I start collecting photos for it.

Okay so what’s been new for September?

First and foremost, my new high waist pants!


These pants came from Thrift Giant, like so many of my good pants do. I am absolutely obsessed with them and I’m also excited to incorporate them into my outfits all the way until it gets too cool to wear a pair of (basically) linen pants. They are so comfy. They get a little bagger throughout the day, but keep their shape. They also breathe so well. I recommend a good pair pants like this! If you ever come across some, jump on them!

Also, I found this really cute flannel from Five Below! This flannel is sooo comfy and really decent material for a $5 shirt. It’s not warm, whatsoever, but it’s such a comfy shirt and it really looks great layered or buttoned and tied up! 9d8c0054-7a48-46c7-b6d0-917144c19ba7

I would advise going up one side if you want it a little over-sized. These flannel button downs run really true to size!

Another really good item I scraped up was this mock turtleneck from the thrift store! It’s a nice cream color, slightly cropped, and a little baggy for a medium but I really have completely fallen in love with it already!

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Sorry that this isn’t a full photo of the shirt, but I still wanted to show what the neck looked like. I am a sucker for a cute turtleneck top and when I found this mock,  I was head over heels in love! I ~think~ this mock turtleneck is probably going to be pretty popular this year so if you find one at a thrift store, I’d snatch it!


And that’s a wrap for September (and most of August too!). September is one of my favorite months of the year! It’s my birthday month, the month I go back to my favorite place (school!) and the first month of autumn, my favorite season! I have had an absolutely wonderful and insanely busy month, but I am thankful for every minute of it! I’m also so glad I got to do a favorites for this month even if I don’t have a ton to talk about! I’ve really missed writing and the blog and talking about things other than school, graduation, and my ‘next-steps’!

Thank you for being so patient with me, and a special thank you to everyone who has been visiting my blog to check on posts. I’m so for such a large delay, but I am so grateful for everyone who is interested in what I create! You are all so absolutely humbling to me!


“Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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  1. I hope you’re enjoying listening to the Harry Potter books, I’m a hardcore fan and love seeing new people getting caught up in the magic of the series! Great post, thanks for sharing!


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