We’re Almost Back!


I owe you guys so many posts and so many apologies. I seriously can’t apologize enough for being missing for the last what… two months?

It’s been wild and so many things have been happening! I’m happy to announce that almost all the things happening have been really wonderful! Which is great because this season of life, as I’ve said before, is one of the most stressful and terrifying. If you’ve missed out on a post or two (specifically Apologies in Advanced), or if you don’t follow me on Instagram, or if you’re new around here (hi!) you might not know but I’m graduating college this December and while that’s an amazing and exciting thing, this semester has been easily one of the most challenging. It was never my intention to disappear from the world of my blog for such a long time, but I really haven’t been able to make time. It’s been tough, but I’m almost done!

While I’m on the whole “I’ve been busy, please forgive me!”  I have to be real: Graduation isn’t the only big thing happening now. Another really exciting thing happened in September! My boyfriend’s mom announced that she and his step-dad were moving into a big ol’ house about 45 minutes away from our hometown, and not only were they moving but they wanted us to move with them. WHAT!? So I know that moving in with your parents after moving out of your parents house seems lame to some people, and maybe it is but so many people do it and James and I were in dire need of some relief. We lived in a terrible place with terrible people and it was just time to go! So we took the big blessing being thrown our way and we moved 45 minutes north to a city called The Colony and y’all, it’s wonderful here. We love it. 

We’re so happy here, but we haven’t really had much down time though since we moved. I’ve been full time job hunting and schooling (finals szn is here!) and James has been working, a lot. The free time we do get tends to be granted to sitting around together, watching a movie, or playing a game. We do out best to relax together if we can, because even when we’re both home, I’m typically working on school work. 

So like, are you back or? 

Here’s the deal: I graduate on Saturday, December 15th and after that I’m back full time, baby. There will be a post up December 24th for sure and I’m hoping with all my heart that I can manage to pump one out for December 17th (the Monday after I graduate) but we’ll see! I’m excited, I have ideas and drafts and creating to do. I really want to be able to do more sooner, but I have to get through finals before I can. Staying in this analytical place for too long without relief can be rough on me sometimes, but I’ve been able to be a little creative elsewhere (like my Instagram!). 

I truly am sorry for being MIA since September but I don’t want to give you guys posts that aren’t worthy of your time. I don’t want to create a blog space that’s half-worked on and doesn’t have all of me in it. It really means a lot of me that so many of you have been checking on me and visiting the site. I promise that it’ll be back in it’s full glory soon and we’ll be having a great time! 

In the mean time,  I hope that wherever you are in the world you’re enjoying yourself and that when mid-December rolls around you’re in the mood for some jolly, holiday goodness! 


“College is not just a crazy, wild, sleep-deprived hedonistic society” – Rory Gilmore

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